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Our roller shutters provide much more than simple sun-protection. They offer thermal insulation, sound insulation and even improve burglary protection. Furthermore, rolled-down shutters effectively protect a window from wind and weather – especially crucial when timber windows are installed. Modern designs, attractive aesthetics and several installation modes provide a solution for any project.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters?

There are many benefits to installing roller shutters including increased security, providing noise control and blocking out light. In addition, our shutters provide protection from the extremes of weather, including storms, sun and cold winters.

Security – Roller shutters provide excellent security as they completely cover window and door openings. When the shutter is down, it’s locked from the Roller Shutters securityinside to prevent entry. The heavy-duty materials and close fit of the panel to the track make roller shutters difficult to break through or vandalise. In addition, the solid front provides a visual barrier so would-be thieves can’t see what’s inside.

Noise Control – When rolled down, roller shutters have sound-dampening benefits. If you live on a busy road or need to reduce exterior noise, studies show that roller shutters can block between 50% and 80% of noise. In addition, they keep interior noise from disturbing nearby residents.

Light Control – Roller shutters have several options for light control. They’re a good choice for those who need to block out daylight or exterior night lighting. Each slat is perforated at the top to allow both light and air to pass through. When the curtain is lowered to just above the ground or window sill, the slats are not completely locked. This allows light to pass through the perforations. If you want to take advantage of the room-darkening feature, lower the shutter completely to the ground or window sill so that the slats lock into place and cover the perforations.

Weather Protection – Roller shutters are excellent barriers to weather. They keep windows from rattling, provide a rigid barrier against wind and wind-blown debris and keep rain from blowing in. During cold weather, they also prevent drafts. In hot weather, their insulating properties reduce solar gain. Overall, they reduce thermal transfer by 90%. In fact, your air conditioning and heating bills may go down as much as 30%!


Our types of roller shutters:

In order to offer the perfect aesthetic, our shutters are available in a range of colours. Profiles include double-walled uPVC through to fully insulated aluminium sections, all offering a pleasing modern design. The shutter boxes of our built-in systems are practically invisible from the outside, and fit almost any house façade.

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