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Production of aluminum joinery in company VitraQ is based on specialized design environment, and the production line fully based on CNC technology. Only this combination allows you to achieve excellent product quality and enables the production of custom design using individual customized solutions.

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Windows and doors produced with aluminum profile systems are primarily a combination of functionality, durability and aesthetics. Aluminum windows and doors with thermal insulation characterized by low coefficients Uw are almost obvious choice in the era of energy-efficient construction. It is worth mentioning the possibility of using hardware tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the facility, including intelligent solutions, for example electronically controlled access control systems. Aluminum as the material can be processed lossless repeatedly – is therefore environmentally friendly material. Not without significance is the aspect of aesthetics, aluminum joinery systems are the favorite choice of architects and designers, which offers almost unlimited possibilities.

The benefits of aluminium joinery vs uPVC

Looking to put in new windows or doors in your home or office? Wondering whether you should go for aluminium joinery or uPVC? Aluminium is still, by far, the better choice for durability, environment and health of your home.

Why should you pick aluminium joinery over uPVC (unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride) for your door and window fixtures? Durability for one, followed by style. Aluminium doors and windows are also as energy efficient and soundproof as uPVC, and equally as safe and tamper proof. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable, making it a more eco-positive choice.

Aluminium joinery, as the name suggests is made of aluminium, while uPVC is a synthetic polymer that has plasticizers added to it, making it lightweight and flexible. Aluminium tends to cost slightly more than uPVC, but it offers great advantages that make the extra expense worth it.

Aluminium offers durability that is second to none

Aluminium windows and doors are very long lasting and strong, which makes them a great addition to your home, be it a house or an apartment, and of course a great investment for an office or public/commercial building. Using aluminium doors is also a great choice, preferred by builders and home owners. Thermal insulation provided by aluminium windows and doors has come a long way, and the options available today make it as efficient as uPVC, which helps keep excess heat out in summer and the cold and dampness out in the wintertime.

Aluminium joinery has been created to withstand extreme conditions. It will not rot, warp, corrode, rust, fade, loosen, swell, shrink or crack on you, unlike timber or uPVC. Aluminium joinery can last over 50% longer than uPVC, which tends to degrade over the span of a couple of decades. While uPVC will need replacing, aluminium will last up to twice as long, making for a long-lasting investment. Aluminium is so much stronger and more secure. You can feel confident knowing you have secure windows and doors in your home or business.

Aluminium looks good

The smooth, sleek look and feel of aluminium joinery is one of the reasons for its increased popularity over the past two decades. uPVC has a clunky plastic look and feel, which doesn’t suit the appearance of modern, polished and stylish homes. Aluminium joinery is stronger than uPVC, giving it a slimmer silhouette, making it less intrusive with the design aesthetic of your home. You want the first impression of your home or office to be the right one and having durable and sleek aluminium front doors are a great start.

Aluminium offers more choice

Aluminium is a more malleable material, which means it offers more design possibilities. With powder coating and other colour options including dual colours, aluminium joinery gives window and door makers (as well as end users) a wide choice and full flexibility when it comes to style and colours.

Aluminium doors and windows can be made as soundproof as uPVC. There are many options in terms of the glazing used for your doors and windows (single pane, double glaze, triple glazed), and all of them can be easily installed with aluminium joinery. These help to keep the inside of your home quiet and peaceful.

Aluminium is a better choice from an environmental standpoint

Aluminium joinery is more recyclable than other materials. And not just recyclable once, but it has no limit to the number of times it can be recycled. The energy needed to recycle aluminium is much less than uPVC, which can only be partially recycled. Every time aluminium is recycled, it becomes new, shiny aluminium that is reworked into new products. By making the choice to install aluminium doors and windows in your home or office, you can do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, aluminium is non-toxic and can withstand high temperatures, unlike uPVC, which is non-toxic in a resting state, but can leak dioxins in the case of a fire. In extreme summertime temperatures, there is also a possibility of vinyl chloride, a toxic gas, being emitted since uPVC may degrade with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Our aluminium profile systems:


  • AWS 65 / AWS 70HI / AWS 75 SI;
  • ADS 65 / ADS 70 HI / ADS 75 HI+;
  • ASE 60 / ASE 80;
  • FWS 50 / FWS 50 SI / FWS 50 HI;


  • Genesis 75, Superial, Imperial;
  • Ultraglide, Modern Slide, Ecoslide;
  • FR90 / FR90 SLIDE / MC Wall;
  • Aliver 2000+, Terassendach;


  • COR 60 / 70 / 80 / 4200 / 4600 / 4900;
  • Cor Vision, Millennium Plus 70 / 80;
  • Tamiz, Balustrada View Crystal;
  • COR 2000 / 2300;

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